This is an exclusive web page for clients of Hamiltons of London Javea branch.

Scottsdale Overseas is proud to associate with and work extremely closely with Hamiltons of London Javea branch to ensure clients receive a financial service that meets the highest standards.

Scottsdale Overseas is a well-established, ethical IFA company which serves clients living in Spain, the Balearics and Portugal. Your local consultant, Debbie Evans, has a long track record of putting the protection of her clients' interests first in everything she does. Click here to learn more about Debbie's advice for clients of Hamiltons.

Debbie Evans DipPFS – Scottsdale Overseas – Javea

DebbieDebbie is a fully qualified independent financial adviser, holds the Personal Finance Society (PFS) Diploma and maintains her membership of the PFS to afford clients the comfort of checking out her qualifications. In addition, Debbie holds the Advanced Pensions qualification (G60) which assures clients of her expertise when dealing with retirement planning, pension drawdown, pension transfers and pension sharing on divorce.

Living and working in and around Javea alongside the Hamiltons team enables Debbie to maintain a thorough understanding of her clients' needs, which is always held in the utmost confidence.

Debbie offers all Hamiltons' clients a meeting during which she can find out what is important to you, as well as any short and long-term goals, before making helpful recommendations. She makes sure she knows her clients well so that she can be proactive in pre-empting future possibilities. Her direct contact details are:-

Email: d.evans@so-ifa.com
Telephone: +34 625 803 120

Debbie is a popular choice and a well-trusted individual whose Scottsdale Overseas clients tend to stay with over the long term. She has provided some important information for those buying a property in Spain here .

Company information
Scottsdale Overseas is led by David Wallis-Powell in Spain and was co-founded by directors of Scottsdale Consulting, a well-respected IFA company operating in the UK, which is one of the relatively few to retain their independent status. The team in Spain provide expertise in:

  • Financial planning
  • Wealth creation and preservation
  • Estate succession planning
  • Mortgages for residential, holiday and commercial properties
  • Personal and family financial protection
  • Equity release
  • Pension transfers
  • Business protection
  • Exit strategy planning.

Compliance is embedded into daily procedures at Scottsdale Overseas and maintaining a high level of IFA accreditation is part of this. 

Information Property Owners and Buyers in Spain Can’t Do Without
Advice from Debbie Evans of Scottsdale Overseas

Buying and owning a property in such a beautiful area of Spain is wonderful, although there are a few financial considerations to take on board, beyond your initial investment. They are:

  1. Income tax
  2. Inheritance/succession tax
  3. Asset reporting
  4. Asset declarations

1. Income tax
Although you may be non-resident, and do not earn an income from owning a property in Spain, in the eyes of the Spanish tax authorities you derive a benefit. This means you need to submit a tax return which involves completing an Impuesto de la renta de no residentes, declaración ordinaria (IRNR).

If you are in Spain for more than 182 days within a year, you will be considered a Spanish tax resident. As a tax resident you must complete a tax declaration (La Renta ) and include your worldwide income tax rates applicable for your tax year.

Investment income (€)

Tax rate (%)

0 – 6,000


6,000 – 18,000


18,000 +


Other income after *allowances and deductions


0 - 17,007


17,007 – 33,007


33,007 – 53,407


53,407 – 120,000


120,000 – 175,000


175,000 – 300,000


300,000 +


*Personal allowances: individuals €5,151, for those who are 65+ years of age €6,069 and for those 75+ years of age €7,191 

2. Inheritance/succession tax
Owning a property in Spain means you need to have a plan to cover Spanish Succession Tax (SST) or Impuesto sobre Sucesiones y Donaciones (ISD). In the UK, inheritance tax is the responsibility of the deceased’s estate, while in Spain the tax is paid by the recipient of the inheritance or gift.

SST is only due if the recipient resides in Spain or if the asset being passed on is in Spain, such as real estate or moveable property.

The allowances and tax rates vary, depending on which group the beneficiary fits into.

SST group

Beneficiaries of inheritance


Biological sons and daughters under 21
Adopted sons and daughters under 21


Natural and adopted children 21+ years of age
In certain regions, unmarried partners registered as a pareja de hecho


In-laws and their ascendants/descendants
Nephews and nieces
Uncles and aunts
Brothers and sisters


All others including unmarried partners, unless registered as pareja de hecho in certain regions

Under current legislation, the surviving spouse receives an allowance of €15,956, but there is no automatic allowance for unmarried couples. A natural or adopted child will receive €15,956 and a stepchild receives €7,993.

The basic SST is in bands and starts at 7.65%, on amounts over €7,993, increasing in stages to 34% for amounts over €797,555 per beneficiary.

The tax liability is multiplied based on the groups: groups 1 and 2 by a factor of 1, group 3 by a factor of 1.5882 and group 4 by a factor of 2. There are additional tax rate calculations that take into account the beneficiary’s existing wealth.

As you can see, SST and inheritance law is far from simple. In all cases it is advisable to seek qualified professional advice to make the best arrangements for you and your family

3. Asset reporting requirements (Modelo 720)
If you reside in Spain, you will need to declare any assets you own outside of Spain which are worth €50,000+. It is important to make sure your assets are in the most tax-efficient vehicles or you could be paying more tax than you need to.

4. Assets to be declared
If you are considered a Spanish tax resident (if you spend >182 days a year in Spain) and own any of the following assets outside Spain, valued at €50,000+, you need to declare them:

  • Accounts held with banks, building societies and other financial institutions
  • Property
  • Shares, unit trusts, open-ended investment contracts and other securities
  • Life insurance policies.

Once you have reported the assets the first time, you do not need to report them again each year if the value of all your reportable assets increases by less than €20,000. If their value rises by €20,000 or more, you will need to report them again by the next annual deadline.

If the value of your total assets in each class is less than €50,000, you are not obliged to report them

Scottsdale Overseas
Taking all this into account, it makes sense to take professional advice, and take some time out to have a full financial health check. Hamiltons would be delighted to introduce you to Debbie Evans from Scottsdale Overseas, although you are welcome to contact her directly on d.evans@so-ifa.com or +34 625 803 120.

Scottsdale Overseas is dedicated to providing highly experienced, ethical IFA services to ex-pats living in Spain. Protecting clients’ interests is at the heart of their business, so they maintain accreditations and compliance standards which place them head and shoulders above their competitors.

To learn more, please click here see Scottsdale’s exclusive web page for clients of Hamiltons of London Javea branch.

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